Caregiver Tips for the Winter Season

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The holidays are romantic, with sparkling lights and good cheer. But the colder temperatures can aggravate dormant colds, Arthritis pains and other senior health concerns. A-1 Home Care loves this  AARP article, “10 Home Health Remedies That Work“. We encourage our Home Health Providers, Nurse Aides and Caregivers to use these great tips in the upcoming months.

1. Honey. Did you know that one tablespoon of honey mixed with equal parts cinnamon can banish colds in just three days? We recommend using raw or local brands for older adults, but supermarket labels will do as well. Be mindful of elders with diabetes, who might not benefit from this easy remedy.

2. Ginger. This is an age old remedy for nausea or motion sickness that is backed by science. A wonderful solution for those long holiday flights and drives, or for chemo patients battling stomach upsets. recommends taking one or two pieces of crystallized ginger to quell movement.

3. Tart Cherry Juice. Found easily in the supermarket, this juice is naturally anti-inflammatory making it perfect for Seniors struggling with gout, muscle soreness and Arthritis. One tablespoon of tart cherry juice concentrate taken twice a day can do wonders to reduce gout and arthritis attacks.

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