Pain Management for Seniors with Arthritis


Caregiver for Senior and Elderly

If you are a caregiver for seniors or elderly, you know arthritis pain increases during cold and damp winter weather.  Your client will have less mobility due to the inflammation and swelling arthritis causes and will need more assistance.

There are several techniques recommended by the Arthritis Foundation to help people suffering from arthritis to minimize and manage their pain.  These methods do not require any vitamins or supplements, just mental and physical effort.

You can treat your elderly client to a gentle massage and use hot and cold compresses to decrease swelling and inflammation in their joints.  Helping them perform moderate exercise such as stretching, yoga, tai chi or swimming will strengthen joints and keep them flexible.  Be sure to monitor any pain medication to assure it is taken at the correct time and proper dosage.  And of course, preparing well balanced and nutritious meals will help with anyone’s overall help.

Sleep is an essential tool for the body to heal and rebuild damaged tissue, so help your elderly client get a good night’s sleep by using pillows for support and having them try different sleep positions to find what relieves their pain the best.

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