Caregiving is Difficult and It Often Leads to Stress

a-1 home care temple city home care

There is a wide range of skills needed depending on the health conditions of the seniors and elderly.  For some, simple help with household cleaning, laundry, and meal preparation are sufficient to help enable the freedom and independence that they need.  However, many aging loved ones are experience more complicated and chronic illness, which makes caregiving much more difficult. Arthritis and Parkinson’s disease can make mobility an issue for seniors, with an increases possibility of falls.  Alzheimer’s and other mental disease can be especially difficult to care for because the diminished communication skills and unpredictable nature of the patients. In such cases, care professionals are often recommended to help improve the quality of life of such patients.

A-1 Home Care has excellent in home caregivers who are experienced, skilled, and reliable.  For example, Andrew Hanfly displayed good interpersonal skills while put great effort into helping the needs of our clients, earning him the caregiver of the month honor for January 2013.  Ohter exceptional caregivers include Blanca, Evelyn, Susan and David, all receiving praise from our clients.  With patience, thoughtfulness, and professionalism, that is the type of in home caregiving service you can expect from A-1 Home Care. If you have loved ones needing caregiving help in Los Angeles and Orange County, avoid the stress by contacting us for free in home assessments.  Compatibility is guaranteed.

Call 562-929-8400 to become a caregiver today, or visit for more information.


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