The Gift of Freedom & Independence for Elderly Mothers


Flowers, chocolates, and spa treatments are just some of the common Mother’s Day gifts for moms.  But for elderly mothers, they have been receiving the gifts mentioned many times before, and it is time to give a gift that they can appreciate in their older years.  Their body does not move the way they used to, their ability to drive is deteriorating, cleaning around the house might risk a dangerous fall, and other physically demanding tasks can be exhausting to them.  Why not provide them with a professional caregiver this Mother’s Day to alleviate their needs to perform the physically taxing activities to lessen their risks of falling, or other injuries while providing the freedom and independence that they deserve.  Many families are choosing to hire a caregiver for their elderly parent.  As a result, the demand for in home caregivers is rising, and employment opportunities are on the rise along with it.

Many of the adult children are contacting A-1 Home Care to find a compatible caregiver this Mother’s Day.  If you are an experienced caregiver certified nurse aide, senior companion, or home helper similar to Crosine Roble and Myrna Macolor, we have many job caregiving job opportunities for you to display your skills and being a fulfilling line of work in Arthritis Care, Alzheimer Care, Diabetic Care, Parkinson Care, After Surgery Care, Cancer Care, Hospice Care, and much more Elder Care Scenarios.  We have clients in communities all over Los Angeles and Orange County, and we will be sure to find a job that is close to your home so you don’t have to commute a long distance.  Both 24 hour Live-in or Hourly Live-out caregivers are needed, so don’t hesitate and contact us about these wonderful opportunities.

For employment requirements, please call us at 562-929-8400, or visit for more information.


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