Dealing With The Aftermath of Stress Related Caregiver Blowup

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Everybody has a snapping point.  When you are a caregiver, stress is a very real part of the job, even if you are a professional.  So if you become overwhelmed from your job, there is a possibility that you could have an angry outburst.  While some people can contain or cope with their emotions, others can snap quickly and regret it afterward.  However, you would be surprised about how many people do not apologize afterward.  A sincere apology after a blowup not only can patch things up with the care recipients and their loved ones, but it can also reveal to them the challenges and frustration you are experiencing, allowing them to understand the situation and provide more support as a result.

At A-1 Home Care, we do our best to help caregivers avoid burnout by strategically schedule different caregivers to relieve one another, while providing them a steady schedule to work with.  Whether it is a 24 hour live-in or hourly live-out client, we will make sure you will have adequate support to minimize your chances for stress.  We require at least 2 years of caregiving experience, CPR certification, TB clearance, and a clean criminal background.  In addition, we cover all of Los Angeles and Orange County, so finding a job that you can travel to in reasonable time should be no problem. If you are interested in joining our staff of caregivers in working in a rewarding field, contact us for more information.

Our phone number is 562-929-8400, and you can find more information on our website  Be sure to check us out on Facebook!


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