Common Causes for Elderly Complaints

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Each caregiving scenario is unique, and care recipients have their own personalities that makes each caregiving job a challenge on its own.  In some cases, the elderly might simply complain about the little things in life, making them difficult to deal with.  While some elderly people are just negative based on their personality, others are not.  So what are some of the causes of these complaints?  With the different medications the elderly might be taking for their ailments and other health conditions, some of the medications can cause personality changes. Maybe the elderly is experience pain that can cause them to be more irritable.  Another reason could be that the senior is developing dementia, and the memory problems might lead to frustration and bring about some personality changes as well.  So if you are a caregiver and is dealing with a senior who is being difficult, you can try to take the high road, opening up a discussion with them and be honest, because changes can happen.

Caregiver should receive as much support as they can get too. That is our belief here at A-1 Home Care because caregiver quality is the most important part of our industry.  We cover all of Los Angeles and Orange County since 1991, so finding a caregiving opportunity near your residence should be no problem.  You will need skills with CPR, incontinence care, meal preparation, housecleaning, medication reminder, and versatility to handle scenarios such as arthritis care, Parkinson care, after surgery care, kidney disease care, and other challenges.  If you are interested in joining to become part of our staff of caregivers, please contact us for more information.

Our phone number is 562-929-8400, or you can visit us online at for more information.  You can also find us on Facebook!



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