Monitoring Issues with Eating in Seniors


We hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving feast with family and friends, but some seniors might have had issues with eating because of aging.  Whether it is the decrease in saliva production, tooth loss, or being less sensitive in taste, these can make them less inclined to eat their food.  As caregivers, you should keep in mind a few considerations when trying to encourage seniors to eat.  For example, try to observe the elder’s eating habit, understanding their pace of eating can be an indication of whether or not there is a problem.  Furthermore, divide meals in smaller portions instead of three big ones, that way the seniors can avoid difficulty in consuming a big meal.  Lastly, be aware of what medications the senior is taking, because side effects can affect tastes, appetite, as well as increase chances of nausea and more.  Once you get a better idea of why the seniors might not be eating, then you can better formulate a plan to overcome issues with eating.

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