Medication Mistakes To Avoid For Seniors


One important duties as caregiver is to provide medication reminders for seniors who might often forget to take their prescribed drugs.  However, simple reminders might not be enough to ensure the health and safety of seniors.  There are medication mistakes that can be dangerous for seniors and adults alike.

Some common mistakes include:

  1. Confusing medications with similar names
  2. Having two drugs that could magnify potential side effects
  3. Combining two drugs with similar properties
  4. Taking the wrong dosage of the medication
  5. Mixing prescription drugs with over the counter drugs

Avoiding these potentially dangerous drug interactions require careful attention to warning labels, consultation with the doctors and pharmacist, and organization.  As a result, caregivers providing medication reminders should also be in tune with the types of medication the care recipient is taking in order to ensure their good health and safety.

A-1 Home Care is always looking for more responsible caregivers to join our team in helping seniors around Los Angeles and Orange County. Some of our caregivers have been working for us for over a decade.  As long as you are dedicated to your responsibilities, A-1 Home Care will always reward you with continuous employment with different clients. Our company has been in business since 1991, our experience and longevity speaks for itself.  If you are looking to become an in home caregiver, then look no further than A-1 Home Care to find you a job!  Moreover, we offer both 24 hour live-in and hourly live-out clients, allowing us to best fit your needs and scheduling.

Call us at 562-929-8400 today to learn more about employment requirements, or you can visit for details.  Check us out on Facebook!


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