Cool and Calm Makes A Good Caregiver

Winnie OcampoOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen facing different home care challenges or emergencies, one should never panic. The cool and calm demeanor that both Winnie Ocampo and Ginger Gardner have is why they excel as caregivers with A-1 Home Care.  Our clients really enjoy their presence, and their personality is infectious to those around them.  Furthermore, the remarkable ability for them to approach any home care scenarios with confidence is why we can put our full trust in serving our clients.  They deserved the Caregivers of the Month award back in July, and we wish to recognize their excellent work with 2013 ending soon.  Finally, we wish both Winnie and Ginger a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A-1 Home Care Is Proud To Have Great Caregivers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoth veteran caregivers, Enrico Caedo and Rosalia Garcia are standout caregivers with A-1 Home Care Agency.  They both have a sincere personality that spreads kindness whomever they’ve come across.  Our clients not only love their exceptional service, but also their devotion to improving the quality of life among seniors.

Seniors certainly love them, and their loved ones have also embraced them as part of the family.  It is the type of special relationship that can only be created with great people such as these two.  That is what A-1 Home Care’s service is all about.  Therefore, we’ve awarded the two with a Caregiver of the Month Award in September, and want to revisit their brilliance in their performance during this holiday season because we cannot be more thankful for their hard work!

From Referrals To Caregivers of the Month

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoth Santi Hughes and Danielle Johnson were both looking work, and each was referred to A-1 Home Care by friends and sisters respectively.  Once they have arrived at our agency, it is amazing how easily approachable each of them is, and the work ethic each display is unparalleled.  All the clients they have worked with praised them for the superior care they provide.  Every day, they put in 110% of their effort in helping to make sure the seniors have comfortable, and receive the assistance they need.  For these reasons alone, we awarded Santi and Danielle the Caregiver of the Month honor back in October. During this season of appreciation, we would like to feature them and say how proud we are of their work and dedication since they have joined our team.

Merry Christmas Danielle and Santi!

November’s Caregivers of The Month Award – Teresita Aragon & Elvira Bernard


A-1 Home Care would not have lasted for over two decades without our amazing caregivers.  They are constantly facing different home care scenarios, yet they have the poise and mindset to overcome the difficult challenges.  During this holiday season, we want to recognize some of our best and brightest caregivers in Teresita Aragon & Elvira Bernard as our 2013 Caregiver of the month this past November.  They have been with our agency for several years, and put their full effort each and every day into  caring for each senior they come across, putting a positive impact on .  A-1 Home Care wants to Thank Teresita and Elvira for their tireless services, and we hope to continue to help them find great caregiving positions for years to come!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA