Dealing with Difficult Behaviors from Seniors

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As caregivers, you may face a senior who is grateful for all the hard work and dedication that you put in to assist them, or it might be complete opposite where they act up (most likely caused by their health conditions) and make it even more difficult to do your job.  If that’s the scenario, here are some things to keep in mind as caregivers.

  • Don’t take it personally – seniors often get grumpy because their health is affecting them. Imagine the time you were sick, you might have wanted to curl up in bed and be left alone. So if a senior seem annoyed at times, it’s not because of you or your service.
  • Talk to the senior – If their behavior is to a point where it’s abusive, whether verbally or physically, talk to them about it and let them know how you feel.
  • Understand the problem – Some seniors refuse to shower or simply ignore their personal hygiene. Ask them questions about why they are not showering.  Maybe they are afraid of falling in the shower, then you can offer your assistance and assurance as a caregiver to eliminate the worries of falling.

Demand for in home caregivers continue to rise in recent years due to the rapid growth of the elderly population. As a result,  A-1 Home Care is always looking for quality caregivers with 2 or more years of experience, CPR certification, TB tested, and clean criminal backgrounds.  We are receiving clients daily, and we want to accommodate them with the highest quality of home health aides and caregivers available around Los Angeles and Orange County. We have both 24 hour live in care and hourly senior care positions available, and we make our best effort to fit everyone’s commute and schedule for their work.

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Caregivers of the Month for June

Caregiver Award June

Congratulations to Eric Duran, Bertha Ojeda, and Mary Surwillo for being our Caregivers of the Month for June!A-1 Home Care cannot be the leading home care agency in Southern California without the hard work and dedication that these three caregivers have shown over the past month. They exemplify the type of services we provide for our clients, and we cannot be more grateful than we are about their continued service with our company!

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Become a More Efficient Caregiver

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Being a caregiver for someone in need is a very admirable job, and often times the caregivers give their 110% effort into caring for the senior that they ignore their own personal well-being.  If this trend persist, these caregivers will eventually get stressed and burned out, ultimately affecting their quality of care altogether.  It is important to realize if you push yourself too hard, it might do more harm than good for the care recipient who is depending on your care at moments noticed.  As a result, there are a few things that caregivers can do to put some focus back on themselves.

  1. Be organized by setting schedules – Schedule a relaxing day out. Schedule that doctor’s appointment that you’ve been postponing. Make the time to spend with your family. The main point is to have a plan for the “me” time.
  2. Say “no” sometimes – There always seems to be that guilty feeling when saying no to additional request for care because the senior is the one who is under difficult circumstances.  Understand that it is okay to say “no” and don’t feel obligated to the the rest when you truly need it.
  3. Streamline inefficiencies – Cook meals in bigger portions, use gadgets to simply your job and set reminders, help seniors to pay their bills online, these are just some things that you can do to act as mini relief during your job, and make you a more efficient caregiver

Home care is rapidly growing in popularity, and more and more caregiving jobs are opening up due to the demand.  A-1 Home Care is looking for caregivers with 2 or more years of experience, CPR certification, TB tested, and clean criminal backgrounds.  We are receiving clients daily, and we want to accommodate them with the highest quality of home health aides and caregivers available around Los Angeles and Orange County. We have both 24 hour live in care and hourly senior care positions available, and we make our best effort to fit everyone’s commute and schedule for their work.

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Taking Care of Your Caregiver Stress

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Being able to help someone is the ultimate satisfaction for many people.  That’s is why so many people enjoy being a caregiver to help out seniors in need.  However, just because it is a satisfying job does not mean it is not a stressful one.  In fact, far too many caregivers are experiencing stress but ignoring the importance to deal with these stress.  If left untreated, these stress can lead to burnouts, and it will affect both your health as well as the quality of caregiving provided.  If you are a caregiver, and you are often feeling tired, overwhelmed, irritable, and have irregular sleep pattern, these might be signs of caregiver stress.  The main goal to prevent burnout is to realize that you are stressed out.  Once you do, seek help and relief from others.  Whether it is finding respite caregiving help from another caregiver, finding ways to relax during off times, changing to a healthier lifestyle, or even professional help,  don’t be afraid to ask for help because it is ultimately in the best interest of the stressed out caregiver and the person they are supporting.

A-1 Home Care is always looking for dedicated caregivers to help provide in home care service for seniors around Los Angeles and Orange County. Typically, our caregivers will provide a variety of assistance for seniors, including meal preparation, medication supervision, hygiene management, incontinence care, and other senior services Our company has been in the senior care industry since 1991, and we are extremely proud of the positive impacts our caregivers have in our communities.  We work diligently to find the perfect match for our clients, and we are available 24/7 for any support we can provide.  Many families are turning to A-1 Home Care to provide them with a quality caregvier, that means job opportunities are opening up for caregviers also! We have both  live-in and hourly home care services ready to be filled immediately!

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How Caregiver Can Deal With Behavior Problems in Alzheimer’s patients

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There are many symptoms related to Alzheimer’s disease.  One of the more concerning issues for everyone involved is the sudden display of aggression.  The worse part is that these emotional outbursts tend to increase over time as the disease progress to a later stage.

In some instances, these problems are caused by frustration from having difficulty remember things they used to or have difficulties perform tasks that used to be routine.  However, caregivers can do a few things to help alleviate and limit these outbursts.  First and foremost, you have to be patient about the situation.  Whether it is provide extra time or the reassurance they need, caregivers should not get frustrated because they are frustrated and make the situation worse.  Next is always try to keep a routine schedule with people living with Alzheimer’s to limit irritability. And finally, caregivers could try to distract the senior with something they like, such as music, comfort objects, or even a snack.

With the ability to impact a senior’s quality of life, being an in home caregiver is extremely rewarding.  A-1 Home Care has helped many people realize a career in being a caregiver, and we take pride in the dedicated work they have done for seniors around Los Angeles and Orange County.  Clients constantly praise the wonderful work our caregivers do, and A-1 Home Care fully appreciate the importance of their unparalleled professionalism.  In Home Care is a growing industry,  and many families are calling A-1 Home Care to find the right caregiver to offer assistance to their loved ones.  We offer flexible scheduling, with both live-in and live-out options available.

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Medication Mistakes To Avoid For Seniors


One important duties as caregiver is to provide medication reminders for seniors who might often forget to take their prescribed drugs.  However, simple reminders might not be enough to ensure the health and safety of seniors.  There are medication mistakes that can be dangerous for seniors and adults alike.

Some common mistakes include:

  1. Confusing medications with similar names
  2. Having two drugs that could magnify potential side effects
  3. Combining two drugs with similar properties
  4. Taking the wrong dosage of the medication
  5. Mixing prescription drugs with over the counter drugs

Avoiding these potentially dangerous drug interactions require careful attention to warning labels, consultation with the doctors and pharmacist, and organization.  As a result, caregivers providing medication reminders should also be in tune with the types of medication the care recipient is taking in order to ensure their good health and safety.

A-1 Home Care is always looking for more responsible caregivers to join our team in helping seniors around Los Angeles and Orange County. Some of our caregivers have been working for us for over a decade.  As long as you are dedicated to your responsibilities, A-1 Home Care will always reward you with continuous employment with different clients. Our company has been in business since 1991, our experience and longevity speaks for itself.  If you are looking to become an in home caregiver, then look no further than A-1 Home Care to find you a job!  Moreover, we offer both 24 hour live-in and hourly live-out clients, allowing us to best fit your needs and scheduling.

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Why Seniors Won’t Eat

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Good nutrition to maintain our health.  From calcium to maintain bone health to omega-3 fatty acid for a good, healthy heart, food is an important part of our lives, and it can be troubling when a senior’s eating habit is changing.  There are many reasons why elderly people might be shying away from eating according to Aging Care.

  1. Aging has reduced their sense of smell and taste – Normal salt and pepper seasonings might not generate enough flavor for seniors, try adding different herbs and spices to possibly add more flavor to the dishes
  2. Side effects from prescription medications – Making a person less hungry is a plausible side effect of medications.  It could also cause food to taste different, making seniors shy away from eating
  3. Chewing problems – Does the senior wear dentures?  They might not speak out, but the dentures could cause discomfort when chewing.  Visit the dentist for adjustment, or substitute with softer foods
  4. Social isolation – If seniors are eating alone, they might not look forward or enjoy the meal, leading them to eat less. Plan on having someone to share a meal with them each day, whether it is a family member, a friend, or even a live-in caregiver who can provide companionship as well as the meal preparation.
  5. Unwilling to cook – Cooking is the easy part.  Grocery shopping, preparing the food, and even washing the dishes afterward can discourage seniors to cook.  There are meal programs where they deliver frozen meals for seniors to reheat it and enjoy.  Another option is a in home caregiver, where they can provide services from meal preparation to medication supervision.

Understanding the root of the problem can dramatically improve your chances of ensuring seniors have the proper nutritional intake and maintain good health.

Do you have experience with caregiving and providing meal preparation, medication supervision, and other in home care services for seniors? Then you should consider becoming a caregiver with A-1 Home Care! Our company has been in the industry since 1991, and we are extremely proud of the positive impacts our caregivers have done in Los Angeles and Orange County communities.  A-1 Home Care understands the importance of our caregivers, so we work diligently to find caregiving jobs for them that best fit their commute and schedules. The need for in home care is rising from the aging baby boomer population, and many family members are looking for help from professional home care to assist their loved ones. Many of them turn to A-1 Home Care based on our history, excellence, and recommendation from others to find a quality caregiver.  We have jobs in both live-in and live-out options.

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Caregivers Should Never Ignore Self Care


As a caregiver, you have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life among seniors.  However, it is important to realize that your own health is the tool to quality caregiving, and without it, the quality of care suffers along with it.

Probably one of the most important aspects of self care is exercise because the benefits gained from it is immense.  From positive effects on all systems on your body to improved strength to stress relief, simply finding the time to exercise regularly can help bring you the necessary energy to handle the daunting tasks of caregiving.  If you are lacking in motivation, try to find a friend to exercise with. Moreover, to avoid boredom, find at least 2 to 3 enjoyable activities that you can rotate to keep you interested in the routines.  Finally, be sure to pair your exercise with good nutrition at home to compliment your hard work!

Working as an in home caregiver is greatly satisfying because you are making a difference in someone else’s life.  A-1 Home Care has been providing opportunities for caregivers since 1991, and we are extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated group of caregivers assistance seniors around Los Angeles and Orange County.  Our company truly treasure our caregivers, because we understand what amazing work they have done to help others.  The demand for in home care is steadily growing, and many family members are too busy to act as caregivers for their loved ones, so they seek us to find a dependable caregiver to assist their loved ones around the home.  We offer flexible scheduling, with both live-in and live-out options, and clients in cities nearby your residence.

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Consideration When Dealing With Eating Issues in Seniors


A number of factors can cause seniors to have issues with eating.  Their production of saliva may have decreased, tooth loss or other dental problems could affect how they tour, or the seniors might be less sensitive to taste as they aged.  These can be very complicated matter, as nutrition is vital to a senior’s health.  For caregivers providing support to these seniors, do pay attention to any changes in their eating habits.

If they are slowing down or not eating at all, it is more than likely an indication of a problem.  Try to prepare meals that are smaller in portions more frequently rather than three large meals.  If possible, try to feed them with more tasty options that have equal of similar nutrition values to encourage them to eat.  Finally, the medications they are taking can cause them to lose appetite or even change the way food tastes.  Moreover, some medication have side effects that may cause nausea, further alienating the desire to eat.  If caregivers are able to monitor and adjust to how the seniors are reacting to food, then they will have a better chance in overcoming the eating issues with seniors.

Being a caregiver can both fulfilling and rewarding.  A-1 Home Care has been hiring many caregivers since 1991, and we are very proud of the work they have done for seniors aroundLos Angeles and Orange County.  We have heard the difference our caregivers make from our clients, and we understand the importance of they are to our company.  There is a rise in demand for in home caregivers, and many families are turning to professional help such as A-1 Home Care to find a compassionate and dedicated caregiver to assist around the home.  We offer flexible scheduling, with both live-in and live-out options.  Moreover, we will work hard to find a job that best fit your commute as well.

So don’t wait, call us at 562-929-8400 today to learn more about employment requirements, or you can visit for details.  Check us out on Facebook!

Communicating With Hearing Impaired Seniors

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Hearing diminishes over time, some more than others, and some seniors require hearing aids just to hear.  As caregivers, this offers an extra layer of challenge in communication.  Here are a few things you can incorporate into your caregiving routine.  For instance, make sure the hearing impaired individual can see you approaching them, and try to only speak when you are directly facing them when possible.  Furthermore, try to eliminate as much distraction as possible.  Hand gestures, televisions, bright lights, can all be distracting them when you talk to them.  Finally, try to speak slowly and use simple sentences to make sure they are understandable.

Whatever the limitation or illness, A-1 Home Care is ready to provide seniors with in home caregivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our company is always looking for more experienced home caregivers, certified nurse aides, and elderly companions to join our team to extend our services to the growing segments who are looking for in home care assistance.  In business since 1991, we are the premiere home care agency around Southern California, and have served in many communities such as Santa Monica, Century City, Hollywood, Torrance, Whittier, Glendale, Pasadena, San Marino, Cerritos, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and much more.

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