Caregivers of the Month for June

Caregiver Award June

Congratulations to Eric Duran, Bertha Ojeda, and Mary Surwillo for being our Caregivers of the Month for June!A-1 Home Care cannot be the leading home care agency in Southern California without the hard work and dedication that these three caregivers have shown over the past month. They exemplify the type of services we provide for our clients, and we cannot be more grateful than we are about their continued service with our company!

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Taking Care of Your Caregiver Stress

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Being able to help someone is the ultimate satisfaction for many people.  That’s is why so many people enjoy being a caregiver to help out seniors in need.  However, just because it is a satisfying job does not mean it is not a stressful one.  In fact, far too many caregivers are experiencing stress but ignoring the importance to deal with these stress.  If left untreated, these stress can lead to burnouts, and it will affect both your health as well as the quality of caregiving provided.  If you are a caregiver, and you are often feeling tired, overwhelmed, irritable, and have irregular sleep pattern, these might be signs of caregiver stress.  The main goal to prevent burnout is to realize that you are stressed out.  Once you do, seek help and relief from others.  Whether it is finding respite caregiving help from another caregiver, finding ways to relax during off times, changing to a healthier lifestyle, or even professional help,  don’t be afraid to ask for help because it is ultimately in the best interest of the stressed out caregiver and the person they are supporting.

A-1 Home Care is always looking for dedicated caregivers to help provide in home care service for seniors around Los Angeles and Orange County. Typically, our caregivers will provide a variety of assistance for seniors, including meal preparation, medication supervision, hygiene management, incontinence care, and other senior services Our company has been in the senior care industry since 1991, and we are extremely proud of the positive impacts our caregivers have in our communities.  We work diligently to find the perfect match for our clients, and we are available 24/7 for any support we can provide.  Many families are turning to A-1 Home Care to provide them with a quality caregvier, that means job opportunities are opening up for caregviers also! We have both  live-in and hourly home care services ready to be filled immediately!

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Our Committed Caregivers at A-1 Home Care


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Filled with a can do attitude, Steve Cutler and Taanisha Bonds are among the caregivers with the brightest personalities here at A-1 Home Care.  Both have devoted themselves to the clients they serve, and only have the best of intentions in their heart.  They bring a stable environment around our clients, and seniors know they can rely on them for any in home care needs without hesitation.

We are near the end of 2013, and A-1 Home Care wants to highlight both Steve’s and Taanisha’s Caregivers of the Month Award back in July for their outstanding work for our clients and our company. A-1 Home Care is proud to have both Steve, Tannisha, and other excellent caregivers on our team, so that we can provide a consistent and quality in home care service to every senior in need around Los Angeles and Orange County.

The Wonderful Caregivers of A-1 Home Care

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwo people who are genuinely kind, compassionate, and truly endearing.  Whether they are providing their expertise as the main caregiver or in relief of others, they earn the admiration and trust from our clients to handle any home care challenges.  Because of such positive responses, we decided to award Marina Gomez and Hernani Clama the Caregiver of the Month award back in August.  We are very fortunate to have these two wonderful individuals on our team, and we hope to continue having their service for years to come.

A-1 Home Care wishes Maria and Hernani a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A-1 Home Care Is Proud To Have Great Caregivers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoth veteran caregivers, Enrico Caedo and Rosalia Garcia are standout caregivers with A-1 Home Care Agency.  They both have a sincere personality that spreads kindness whomever they’ve come across.  Our clients not only love their exceptional service, but also their devotion to improving the quality of life among seniors.

Seniors certainly love them, and their loved ones have also embraced them as part of the family.  It is the type of special relationship that can only be created with great people such as these two.  That is what A-1 Home Care’s service is all about.  Therefore, we’ve awarded the two with a Caregiver of the Month Award in September, and want to revisit their brilliance in their performance during this holiday season because we cannot be more thankful for their hard work!

Keeping Emotions In Check as a Caregiver

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Sometimes we forget that caregivers are human as well.  They sacrifice themselves to provide better quality of life for seniors, elderly, and the terminally ill.  Although caregiving can be a satisfying and rewarding experience, but like other jobs, it can have its up’s and down’s.  There are some common feelings that are felt by caregivers.  For example, one may feel guilty over their own ability to enjoy life compare to the care recipients.  Maybe there is an overwhelming feeling on the circumstances that the care recipient is under.  If the person is in pain, the caregiver might be feeling helpless because it is simply out of their control to curb the suffering.

There are perfectly normal, and potentially emotionally harmful feelings for caregivers.  More and more caregivers are suffering from stress and burnouts because many are putting their emotions on hold to provide the best care possible.  However, sacrificing their own well being that leads to caregiver burnouts can only lead to the decrease in quality of care.  Consequently, caregivers should keep their their emotions in check, and seek support as soon as possible when you feel overwhelmed by your job as a caregiver.

At A-1 Home Care, our caregivers knows that if there is any questions or concerns, the company is there to support them.  We value our caregivers as much as we do our clients, because without the quality caregivers, we cannot provide quality services to our clients.  Working for A-1 Home Care means that we provide a schedule for you to limit the chances of caregiver burnout with adequate rests.  In addition, since we cover both Los Angeles and Orange County, we are able to find a job that is closer to home with less traveling.  From Arthritis Care to Dementia Care to Parkinson Care, we fit your skills to match the job we offer, so both our caregivers and clients can co-exist and bond with each other.

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Seeking Near Perfect Caregivers in L.A. and O.C. Counties

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And by “near perfect” we mean pretty darn good.  Of course, nobody is perfect, but there are those who have a natural knack for providing incredible at home caregiving service.  A-1 Home Care Jobs is always hiring compassionate, experienced, and qualified caregivers, nurse aides, companions, home helpers, babysitters, mother’s helpers, and nannies who love what they do.  At A-1 Home Care, we provide non-medical homecare services in Los Angeles County and Orange County.  We strive to hire the best caregivers, hiring those who have a good track record of caregiving experience.  When we interview caregivers, we can tell when an individual really takes pride in providing home care services based off of their general personality and the way in which they answer scenario-based questions of various care situations.  If you love providing in-home care for Elderly individuals or children and have the appropriate experience, we’d love to hear from you.

Check out this article titled Is There Such a Thing as a “Caregiving Instinct?” which talks about some qualities that excellent caregivers have.  “They’re mellow and good-humored, they always see the person behind the illness, they’re motivated by yesterday and today, not tomorrow, they’re patient, and they’re seemingly unflappable.”

A-1 Home Care specializes in Elder Care services such as After Surgery Care, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, Arthritis Care, Parkinson’s Care, Diabetic Care, Cancer Care, Hospice Care, Incontinence Care, and Post Stroke Care.  We also offer parenting services such as Child Care, Special Needs Care, and Postpartum Care.

All of our caregivers must have prior caregiving experience, verifiable professional references, a National Background Check/DMV Check, Tuberculosis testing, Malpractice/Liability insurance, First Aid/CPR training, and a personal interview with our office staff.

We serve the communities of Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Seal Beach, Garden Grove, Cerritos, La Mirada, Fullerton, Anaheim Hills, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Tarzana, Burbank, Pasadena, Glendora, San Dimas, and others in Los Angeles County and Orange County.

A-1 Home Care is a non-medical homecare agency that has been in business since 1991.  We have an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, Shield Accreditation, and many positive caregiver testimonials.  If you’re looking for employment opportunities and a long term job, call us and come into our Santa Fe Springs office for an interview.

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Caregiver Employment Opportunities in Los Angeles County

There’s no such thing as a perfect caregiver.  That’s just the simple fact of it – we’re all humans and sometimes make mistakes.  Caregiving can sometimes be very difficult, especially if the person you’re providing care for has a disease such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Providing care for these individuals is probably one of the most challenging, since the disease affects the person’s ability to communicate with us and forgetfulness can be quite frustrating for the caregiver.

Family Caregiver Alliance has a helpful article called Ten Real-Life Strategies for Dementia Caregiving, which goes in depth about the different probelems that may arise when caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and offers suggestions on how to better handle each situation.  “Unfortunately, dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias is counter-intuitive; often the right thing to do is exactly opposite that which seems like the right thing to do.”

Another article on the Huffington Post by Kathryn Halanger titled New Strategies for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Help Family Caregivers, Too talks about how studies have shown that “…providing simple comforts to those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia such as encouaging patients to carry a doll, eating chocolate when it makes sense to them or creating familiar daily rituals like stocking and restocking a tackle box, engages and calms patients, and improves their erratic behavior,” Halanger says.  So finding out what the individual’s interests are by the questions they ask you and other interactions can help you create daily activities that may have some sort of connection to their past.

At A-1 Home Care, we’re always hiring experienced and compassionate Alzheimer’s Caregivers, nurse aides, and companions as well as caregivers who have experienced with other types of care including After Surgery Care, Arthritis Care, Parkinson Care, Diabetic Care, Cancer Care, Incontinence Care, and Hospice Care.  We have employment opportunities for caregivers who are available for 24 hour live-in care or hourly part-time care.  Our non-medical caregiver agency provides service all over Los Angeles County in cities such as Alhambra, Downey, Burbank, Glendora, Diamond Bar, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Torrance, Culver City, Brentwood, and others.

All of our caregivers must have prior experience, verifiable professional references, Tuberculosis testing, a National Background Check and DMV Check, Malpractice/Liability Insurance, First Aid/CPR training, and a personal interview with our office staff.  We have been in business since 1991, have an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, Shield Accreditation, and are members of the National Care Planning Council.

For more information, visit us at A-1 Jobs or CALL us today to set up an interview at 562-929-8400. 

Caregiver Jobs Available in Orange County











Whether you’re the type of caregiver who loves your job and the process of caregiving or you’re somewhere along the spectrum of caregiver burnout, it’s important to know that you have qualities that many people don’t have.  A reminder of these qualities may give you a sense of pride or respark the flame for your love of caregiving and why you initially chose this career path.

At, an article by Angil Tarach-Ritchey talks about the 5 Main Qualities of Caregiver Excellence: Empathy, Dependability, Patience, Strength, and Flexibility.  Although no one’s probably every told you bluntly that you have those qualities, you do, and you can read more about them.  At A-1 Home Care, we know that these are the main qualities of a great caregiver and all of our caregivers, nurse aides, and companions wouldn’t be working for us if we didn’t think they had those qualities.

Our non-medical caregiver agency always has employment opportunities for talented and compassionate caregivers to provide in-home care to the communities of Los Angeles and Orange County.  Our caregivers provide either 24 hour live-in care or hourly part-time care services.  We are hiring caregivers to work in cities such as Brea, Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, La Habra, Santa Ana, Orange, Garden Grove, Los Alamitos, Fountain Valley, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, and Huntington Beach.  Our agency is seeking individuals with experience caring for Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson Disease, Arthritis, Post-Surgery, Diabetes, Cancer, Incontinence, or Hospice Care.

All of our caregivers must have prior experience, verifiable professional references, a National Background Check and DMV Check, Tuberculosis testing, Malpractice/Liability insurance, First Aid/CPR training, and a personal interview at our Santa Fe Springs location.  We have been in business since 1991, have an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, Shield Accreditation, and are members of the National Care Planning Council, Torrance Chamber of Commerce, Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce, and Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce.

Visit us at A-1 Jobs or CALL 949-650-3800 to set up an interview today.

Caregiver Stories













One thing that caregivers may have in common is that they all have similar experiences.  They’ve likely felt the same feelings of joy when they get along well with the person that they are caring for and they likely feel sadness and stress when work becomes overwhelmingly burdensome for one reason or another.

It’s always interesting to hear about the experiences of others – the ups and downs, tears of happiness or tears of anger and sadness.  As caregivers, you can empathize with the stories of other caregivers even though you’ve never met them in your life.  Strength for Caring has a variety of well-written caregiver stories that hopefully can give you a little inspiration for your week.

A-1 Jobs is always hiring experienced and compassionate caregivers, nurse aides, babysitters, companions, and home health aides for our non-medical home care agency.  We look for qualified individuals who have experience with care for children or elderly individuals, as we specialize in Alzheimer’s Care, Parkinson’s Care, Arthritis Care, After Surgery Care, Diabetic Care, Cancer Care, Incontinence Care, Respite Care, and Hospice Care.

If you live in Los Angeles or Orange County and have prior experience and verifiable professional references for caregiving, we may have an Employment Opportunity for you.  Applicants must come into our Santa Fe Springs location to apply and be prepared to pass a National Background Check and DMV Check and Tuberculosis test.  Applicants must have Malpractice/Liability insurance and First Aid/CPR training.  If hired, we can guarantee long-term ongoing employment and the start to a great caregiver career.

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